Developing Leaders

At Portfield we believe in raising up young people that have the ability to lead others by positively influencing the behaviour of people around them. Therefore, we have developed a 'Young Leaders' programme which allows all children the opportunity to learn how to lead others effectively. The programme starts in year 4 and progresses through upper key stage 2 as follows:

Year 4 - Peer Mediation: In the summer term of year 4, the children learn how to mediate conflict and help others come to mutual understanding.

Year 5 - PlayMakers: Building on their peer mediation training, in the autumn term of year 5, the children at undertake a recognised national programme of study where they learn how to facilitate positive play and organise small games. The PlayMakers play a huge role in the organisation of play times at Portfield and hold a large amount of responsibility. Their role is to engage younger children at play times and teach them vital skills in how to play well and respectfully. 

Year 6 - Gold PlayMakers: The Gold PlayMakers are our superstars! They are the children that have shown that they will go above and beyond by demonstrating how to be a model pupil of Portfield. Our Gold PlayMakers undertake extra training in how to be a Young Leaders, a national award that focuses on furthering the children's leadership skills and their transition to high school.