COVID Information


During these unprecedented times it is important to keep you updated about how we making our school 'Covid' safe.

Please find a copy of our latest risk assessment on the right.

Just a few reminders regarding drop off and pick up:

  • Once you have dropped off in the morning please leave the school site as quickly as possible;
  • Year 3,4,5 & 6 children should be dropped at the front gate and left to walk in by themselves;
  • At collection time please don’t arrive too early as other parents will be waiting for other year groups;
  • Once you have collected your children please leave the area as quickly as possible;
  • If you are waiting on the pavement outside the front of school, please be mindful of other pavement users (stand in single file against the wall, leaving a 2m distance between different households).

We really do appreciate how patient and understanding you all are at this difficult time.

Mr Strong