Dear Parents/Carers,

For the foreseeable future, our school will only be open for children of critical workers, such as: doctors, nurses, care workers and other jobs involving essential services. The reason for this is to make sure that those on the front line of fighting the coronavirus can still work and that their children have a safe place to be.

As a school, we are in the privileged position of being able to support critical workers by looking after their children and our staff have been nothing short of incredible in the way they have embraced the challenge set for them. However, this is not without risk. By being around large groups of children, our staff will be putting themselves at a much greater risk of contracting the virus. 

Many critical workers have made the choice to distance themselves from loved ones to make sure they protect their ability to work and therefore save the lives of others. They are more than happy to do this but want it to be worthwhile. If children are out in the community, mixing with others, then closing schools and self-isolation becomes meaningless. 

We are taking our responsibility seriously and we are pleading with you to do the same. If you are a parent of a child who is now not attending school, the Government have asked you to keep your child at home to prevent further spread of the virus. Your child should be at home for the majority of the time and SHOULD NOT be mixing freely with others in the community as this will spread the virus quickly and put the vulnerable at risk. 

We understand that children will get restless when at home for long periods of time and will need to get daily exercise. The Government have made it clear that currently this is fine as long as it is not in groups. If your child wants to go outside, then go with them. They may not understand the severity of the current situation and may not keep their distance from others. 

The Government guidance is for people to stay at least 2 metres away from those that do not live in their house. Children are unlikely to follow this guidance without your help.

We know that this message sounds serious - that is because it is. We can beat the coronavirus if we all play our part. We will stay open for as long as we can for children of critical workers and we need you to keep your family away from others. 

Many thanks,

Mr Strong