At Portfield we love reading! We believe that reading is essential to enable children to access and understand all areas of the curriculum and their future life. We celebrate their successes and achievements through certificates, badges and reading related prizes. In school we teach reading through three different strands - phonics (Sounds-Write), comprehension (Whole Class Reading) and reading for pleasure (Accelerated Reader).

We have developed a well-researched literacy spine to provide our children access to the very best books around. Throughout each topic in our curriculum, the children learn from, enjoy and imitate the style of these books in order to master the skills of reading and writing for themselves. We also encourage the children to read these books in their independent reading time by challenging them to complete a 'Best books to read before you leave Portfield' challenge card. There are ten fantastic books to read on each card and the children are able to choose a book to keep from the next level card if they achieve 80%+ in all of the Accelerated Reader book quizzes. You are able to view the challenge cards on the right hand side of this page.

When our children are first learning to read, they read phonics books that match the sounds they have already learnt from the Dandelion Phonics reading programme. These books include words that the children are able to decode (break down) using the sounds they have learnt in their phonics sessions. This enables them to feel successful and helps them to become independent readers. Whilst the children are learning the basics of reading through phonics, they will also read high-quality picture books from our school library to encourage them to truely love books and stories. 

To support at home we encourage children to read daily, which should be recorded in their reading records.  This should be signed by the parent each time their child has read to them independently.  We also recommend that parents read a range of books to their child, allowing the child to access and enjoy information or stories that they are interested in, but may not be able to read themselves.

Extra information:

Dandelion Phonics

Accelerated Reader