Nuture Group

Nurture Group takes place in Launchpad four afternoons a week. Launchpad was purposefully set up for nurture in January 2015. It is run by Mrs Maddison (Inclusion Leader) with help from Mr Potts. Mrs Maddison is trained and qualified in ‘The Theory and Practice of Nurture Groups’.

Nurture group rooms are carefully arranged to include the best of both classroom and home furniture. They are designed to be warm and welcoming in order to provide a consistent, predictable and safe place for children. Nurture group rooms are set up to be a bridge between home and school or nursery, where missed learning opportunities are addressed according to the individual profile of needs. Launchpad is therefore set up with a table which is used for sharing meals as well as art work, a carpeted area for sharing books and games together, a kitchen area for easy preparation of tea-time snacks and resources suitable for a variety of age ranges. Launchpad also has access to outside spaces where the children can explore the natural environment around them.